Island of Misfit Toys

A number of my blog posts have received very little attention (for me that means 15 or less views.) For whatever reason (a poorly conceived title, a topic of little interest, getting posted at an awkward time) they bombed out on their first post. They are here now — perhaps they can find someone to love them. (Click the title to read the post.)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – This one is new, maybe it will get some traction soon. But you have to admit, modern transportation is a miracle.

Creativity = Risk – This one didn’t feel like a miss, but it was. The basic premise: you can’t be creative if you aren’t willing to take a risk.

Why Tax Policy Isn’t Easy – This one wasn’t surprising, but if you can get past the title, give it a try. Taxation it is the basis on which every modern government is built.

What Newton Taught Me about Living – Inertia – Putting Newton in the title screwed this one up. I may re-title it to allow people to give it a try. (It’s really just about how it’s easy to get stuck.)

Too Much Good Stuff – I came off a typical business conference with way too many ideas and not enough time to execute all of them.

Me, for the Generations – I was really surprised by this one. It was earth shattering for me to think about my virtual vapor trail being there for my great grands. Maybe it was too self-focused?

Be Curious – I think this one was a bit too structured. Maybe my blog isn’t ready for the “Boston Consulting Model” 2×2 box. Or maybe I just needed to put a graphic in there.

A Parent Point of View – My reaction to the Syrian refuge crisis, self-reflection as a mother.

Ripples (Or How to Remember You’re Not an Island) – My thoughts after having a wonderful dinner with a friend who is struggling with cancer. She challenged me to write this post. I did my best. Read it for her.

There’s Always a Scoreboard – Revisited – The original post reached my top 10, but this revisit came in short. It was actually a reflection on feedback about the prior post. And how I was stunned to be reaching 20-somethings here.

Why Women’s Colleges Matter – The reflection of how I ended up at a women’s college and how I think it accelerated me into the person I am today.

Channel Your Inner Third Grader – A lunch conversation with a talented group of successful women led us to the conclusion that we should go back to third grade. At least in how we interact with the world.

30-day Check-In – My check in with my blog after my first 30 days. My conclusion: care enough to do good stuff, but not enough to let it get you down.

As always, I hope that what I do resonates with people. If you love what you read comment or just like it. Everyone needs to know that what they do matters, whether it is in their job, their family or their hobbies. Like a blog.