My Favorite Posts

It’s hard to play favorites, whether it is a favorite movie, favorite candy bar or favorite child. Each of these posts was great to write, but also got lots of love in the blogosphere. The topics are wide-ranging, but they all come from a place of sincerity. If you enjoy them, subscribe for email notifications, share them on your social media feed or leave a comment. Feedback is a gift. (Click the title to go to the post.)

Birth of the Accidental Blogger tells the story of how I decided to start blogging. As origin stories go, it isn’t as exciting as a super hero, but not much is. Retirement of the Accidental Blogger tells the story of how it became Too Much Mel.

The three-part series of reflections 20 years after the month-long period when I graduated from college and got married:

Getting Ready to Say Good-bye is my heart-felt tribute to my sweet yellow lab in her golden years. Saying Good-bye Again shares my feelings just a few months later losing the cat my husband and I adopted soon after we married.

In It’s Not a Priority, I take a good hard look at the ‘I’m too busy’ culture and what it really means about personal accountability.

Thoughts on Friendship asks how we can best value friendships and what we give and get in those relationships.

I celebrate the many times that life has knocked me down and what I have gained from it in Learning from Failure.

Unlikely Trailblazers explores the gender bending parenting adventure I am on with my husband and how we got here.

I acknowledge the day-in day-out measurements and comparisons we all have in There’s Always a Scoreboard.

I use my 50th blog to reflect on my desired future as an oracle to others in A Vision.

Every day travels turn into a moment of connection in the closest thing I’ve had to a viral post, Betting on Cally.