Thought Provoking Podcasts

Why I listen: Rarely have I found a podcast that spans the gamut from hard science told eloquently to human interest that sucks you in. I leave every Radiolab podcast wondering where on earth I might have learned about THAT if not for this podcast.

Planet Money
Why I listen: When you have an MBA in Finance it’s hard to admit you don’t understand a financial principle, but the truth is that there are a lot of every day financial concepts that aren’t part of an academic program. (Plus, they explain everything in an approachable way.)

This American Life
Why I listen: This American Life was the first podcast I got hooked on and there are some perennial favorites that have helped me understand and articulate big things — like why we have our healthcare system and when to buy a car. After I found it I binged all of the back episodes I missed and I still re-listen to my favorites when I need a refresher.

Modern Love
Why I listen: Love is my favorite of all the emotions, even when it brings pain. How love influences us is central to our humanity and I find that sharing stories of love helps me connect with others. This episode made me question whether Alzheimer’s always harms a family.

Revisionist History
Why I listen: Looking at history from a new lens forces me to question what I know to be true. Plus, Malcom Gladwell is a great writer and reader, both fabulous reasons.

Invisibilia & Hidden Brain
Why I listen: Both make me question the norms I take for granted and that underpin my every day behavior. Big ideas on why humans do what they do tied to actual science and experimentation on the brain.